petek, 07. november 2014

Tuscan valley

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Karina Kleijn pravi ...

This looks almost like a well done painting.
Beautiful rolling countryside, lovely natural colors.
Good field division.
I think it would be very nice to have a picknick here.
So if you will bring a glass of wine i will bring some cheese and French bread :-)
And together we will have a good time :-)

LG, Karina

Dilajla pravi ...

I zaista je tako lijepo.

Helma pravi ...

Hi Erna, I agree with Karina that this really looks like a painting. Beautiful are the colors but also the slopes in the landscape. Very beautifully photographed.
Kind regards,

Danielle v/d Horst pravi ...

Een mooi ver gezicht Stella lieve groetjes Danielle

UIFPW08 pravi ...

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