Oseba Lisa Gordon sporoča …
Stella, this is beautiful. I just love the color.
Oseba Remei (Bitàcora) sporoča …
Oseba Ignacio Santana sporoča …
Hola, Stella!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es un gran honor para mí, y por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu trabajo...tienes muy buenas fotografías!!!

Saludos!!! ;)
Oseba Emiliano Blanco sporoča …
Una auténtica preciosidad.
Un saludo.
Oseba José Luis Navarro Cabo sporoča …
Voy a seguir tus trabajos, me parecen muy originales e interesantes, esta imgen me parece muy bella y delicada
Oseba Irene sporoča …
Oseba Carlos Aguado sporoča …
Sencilla y exquisita.
Oseba Helma sporoča …
The color is great Erna but I was surprised to see crocuses:-) These come with us again only in February and March of next year:-)
Oseba stella sporoča …
Thanks for all the comments, but I can never compare with your natural photo.
The Natural photographers are excellent photographers.

I looked at a book about plants and it is true Crocus blooms in spring.
My picture was taken 09/07/2014.
Human experiments?
Oseba Andrés Sánchez Soto sporoča …
Magnificent blog, with extraordinary photo, perfect and processed to provide a great beauty.

Oseba Danielle v/d Horst sporoča …
Nog krokusjes in deze tijd geweldig mooi lieve groetjes Daniëlle
Oseba Marco sporoča …
Te felicito por el blog tan bueno que tienes.
Un saludo
Oseba Cristina sporoča …
Meravigliosa immagine!
Complimenti! ciao Cri : )
Oseba Karina Kleijn sporoča …
Hi Erna,

What a sweety.
Nice and soft.
Lovely sweet colours.
This is like candy for my eyes.
And it is perfect candy cause my eyes can eat all they like without getting more weight ;-)))

Have a lovely weekend,
Oseba Karina Kleijn sporoča …
I think this plant is called Colchicum.
It looks very much like the crocus but it flowers in the autumn instead of in the spring like the crocus.
Oseba Irma sporoča …
This is a beautiful flower.
Perfect photographed, my compliments.
Best regards, Irma
Oseba Cristina Ferreira sporoča …