četrtek, 11. september 2014


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Lisa Gordon pravi ...

Stella, this is beautiful. I just love the color.

Remei (Bitàcora) pravi ...


Ignacio Santana pravi ...

Hola, Stella!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es un gran honor para mí, y por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu trabajo...tienes muy buenas fotografías!!!

Saludos!!! ;)

Emiliano Blanco pravi ...

Una auténtica preciosidad.
Un saludo.

José Luis Navarro Cabo pravi ...

Voy a seguir tus trabajos, me parecen muy originales e interesantes, esta imgen me parece muy bella y delicada

Irene pravi ...


Carlos Aguado pravi ...

Sencilla y exquisita.

Helma pravi ...

The color is great Erna but I was surprised to see crocuses:-) These come with us again only in February and March of next year:-)

stella pravi ...

Thanks for all the comments, but I can never compare with your natural photo.
The Natural photographers are excellent photographers.

I looked at a book about plants and it is true Crocus blooms in spring.
My picture was taken 09/07/2014.
Human experiments?

Andrés Sánchez Soto pravi ...

Magnificent blog, with extraordinary photo, perfect and processed to provide a great beauty.


Danielle v/d Horst pravi ...

Nog krokusjes in deze tijd geweldig mooi lieve groetjes Daniëlle

Marco pravi ...

Te felicito por el blog tan bueno que tienes.
Un saludo

Cristina pravi ...

Meravigliosa immagine!
Complimenti! ciao Cri : )

Karina Kleijn pravi ...

Hi Erna,

What a sweety.
Nice and soft.
Lovely sweet colours.
This is like candy for my eyes.
And it is perfect candy cause my eyes can eat all they like without getting more weight ;-)))

Have a lovely weekend,

Karina Kleijn pravi ...

I think this plant is called Colchicum.
It looks very much like the crocus but it flowers in the autumn instead of in the spring like the crocus.

Irma pravi ...

This is a beautiful flower.
Perfect photographed, my compliments.
Best regards, Irma

Cristina Ferreira pravi ...


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