Oseba josep sporoča …
Excellent game of dogs.
Pozdrav iz Katalonije
Oseba Lisa Gordon sporoča …
They look like they are having a wonderful time!!
Oseba Helma sporoča …
Wonderful to see. These black / white images
Bright and also great fun with these two playful dogs-)
Kind regards
Oseba Karina Kleijn sporoča …
Hi Erna,

Are these lovely dogs yours?
So nice to see them playing en enjoying themselfs.

Well captured in full action.

LG, Karina
Oseba stella sporoča …
Kai =HE= The Great Dane is ours,
Demy =SHE= is a friend.

Together they form a photographic challenge ..(:)
sometimes they just catch ..

Oseba Remei (Bitàcora) sporoča …
La felicidad está fotografiada.
Un beso Stella.