petek, 05. september 2014


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josep pravi ...

Excellent game of dogs.
Pozdrav iz Katalonije

Lisa Gordon pravi ...

They look like they are having a wonderful time!!

Helma pravi ...

Wonderful to see. These black / white images
Bright and also great fun with these two playful dogs-)
Kind regards

Karina Kleijn pravi ...

Hi Erna,

Are these lovely dogs yours?
So nice to see them playing en enjoying themselfs.

Well captured in full action.

LG, Karina

stella pravi ...

Kai =HE= The Great Dane is ours,
Demy =SHE= is a friend.

Together they form a photographic challenge ..(:)
sometimes they just catch ..


Remei (Bitàcora) pravi ...

La felicidad está fotografiada.
Un beso Stella.

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